With the new AMI (radio read) meters we are able to detect leaks within a 24-hour time frame. Please help us update your account by filling out a form with the most current and up to date information so that we may contact you sooner. Forms to update account can be filled out at Mount Vernon City Hall

Payments that are immediately declined may take a few days to show back up on your card account.  Payments that are made but declined/returned at a later date will be charged a Return Check/Payment Fee.  Please do not hit the back button as it will cause multiple transactions which cannot be reversed.

Payments may take up to 48 hours to reflect on utility account. Please take this into consideration when making a payment online. Accounts may still have penalties applied if not posted to utility account on the 15th of each month. Services will be disconnected if payment is not posted to the utility account before the 20th of each month. Services that are disconnected will have to pay the reconnect fee IN PERSON at the office before services can be restored.

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